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Health insurance premiums change annually. Eligibility for subsidies and the amount of subsidies a person may qualify for can also change annually. In short, it's smart to shop your individual health insurance coverage every open enrollment season.

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We've got this online enrollment thing for Affordable Care Act compliant health insurance down to a science. The actual enrollment process itself can be completed in under 10-minutes! However, the health insurance world is a dynamic place with insurance carriers entering and exiting markets every year, provider networks can change, and benefit plan designs also often change with each plan year. It can all be rather confusing and stressful for most people. That's where our human side comes into play. Have a question? Need some guidance? We're just a phone call or email away.

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Looking for options to Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance plans?  We should definitely talk, yes, you have options but, it's important that you understand these options, their features, their advantages and disadvantages, so that you can make the most informed choice possible.


The most common option people explore as an option to an ACA plan is a "Short Term Major Medical" policy.  In this product category, and for the markets we serve, one company's product offers the best value proposition by far and thus makes it easy for us to recommend this company's Short Term Major Medical plans.  Click on the button below to see how affordable a Short Term Major Medical policy can be.


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